How to ensure your project runs smoothly - 


A smooth running construction project is accomplished through careful planning and accurate execution.  The more you know about what you’re working with, what your needs are, and prioritized wants the easier design will be.   

This stands true for both Contractor and Home owner.   A good plan takes a lot of understanding a lot of effort and a lot of decision making.  The most common thing missing from remodeling and renovation plans is a Budget. Without fully understanding what your renovation is worth to you and what you’ll be willing to spend on it, a good plan is impossible.

With a great plan including a budget and timely decision making a design will develop easily.  

Having trouble making decisions? Would further understanding of your project and its hurdles help? 

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Good Plan

·  An established budget

·  A list of needs

·  A prioritized list of wants

·  Solutions to hurdles

o What’s going to be in the way? What’s going to be affected?

o How do you fix that?

·  Decisions on Fixtures and Finishes

If you’ve got that, all you need now is the right execution!

Chris Costiff